Italian Landscape

Origin: Italy

Slip Ratings Available: P3

Italian Landscape by Fioranese is designed by 23Bassi. This unique collection is inspired by the iconic architectural landmarks of three Italian cities - Florence, L'Aquila and Siena, which contribute to creating geometric patterns reminiscent of an enchanting corner of Italy, allowing for the creation of iconic public and private spaces. Available in 5 plain colours and 10 patterned designs. Italian Landscape features a matt finish, with a cement texture and is suitable for floor and wall applications, with a P3 slip rating.

Various design approaches offer endless possibilities for creating unique wall and floor layouts in both small and large residential and commercial spaces;

  • Modular compositions repeated in space with endless striking possibilities.
  • Graphic motifs designed to suit a specific environment, such as carpets and boiserie to bands, skirtings and cornices to accentuate every corner of your residential and commercial spaces.
  • Fields of tone-on-tone or contrasting colours utilising the interplay of colour between tiles and coloured joints.
  • Custom blends involving any combination of the plain colours and patterned designs.
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