Kayoborder 19 x 144mm

Brand: Nagoya Mosaic-Tile Co

Origin: Japan

Inspired by the traditional style of ceramics used for Sado (Tea Ceremony) in Japanese culture. Kayo is manufactured in Japan with traditional Japanese craftsmanship, by skilled Japanese artisans. Due to the traditional manufacturing process, Kayo products feature natural colour movement, organic texture, random speckling and dimensional variation, all of which contribute to the artisanal look of these products - where no two pieces the same

Kayo products are produced with 48.5% recycled materials. Special edge and corner pieces can also be supplied in all colours.

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Please note - Variation in mosaic piece size is an inherent characteristic of the artisanal Japanese manufacturing process, therefore alignment of mosaic pieces on the sheets is not intended to be perfect, which also contributes to the artisanal look of these mosaics. Any resulting alignment variation will be less noticeable when installing with a similar grout colour.

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