KAZA Handcrafted Precast Terrazzo 601 x 601mm

Brand: KAZA Concrete

Slip Ratings Available: P3

KAZA Handcrafted Precast Terrazzo is a cement based Terrazzo, with a P3 Slip Rating and is supplied pre-sealed.

The unique craftsman production method is reflected on the tile surface, retaining some natural imperfection on the surface and edges, variation in the density of the stones and colour, as well as thickness variation of +/– 10%.

KAZA Handcrafted Precast Terrazzo is handmade and organic. The main concept behind the handcrafted tile production is to provide a more natural look, in contrast to machinery controlled mass production Terrazzo which is more commonly available.

KAZA Handcrafted Precast Terrazzo contains recycled natural stones: marble, granite, basalt and limestone, Aalborg white cement, natural pigments and additives. No epoxy or resin is used in the mix, thus creating a surface with natural variations.

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