Origin: Italy

Slip Ratings Available: P3

Nostalgia is a full-body porcelain stoneware with a matt surface, composed of natural-coloured clays to which small, compact flakes (inspired by Venetian floors) are added in three different colours from the clay of the background, creating entirely random one-off combinations. The absence of glazes and digital graphics gives the collection a truly unique and sophisticated look. This unglazed stoneware offers greater resistance to slipping, abrasions and impact, making it suitable for projects for public areas with heavy foot traffic. All colours are available in 600 x 600mm, 600 x 1200mm and 1200 x 1200mm.

SUSTAINABILITY: The thickness of this collection has been reduced to 9mm, while maintaining the excellent mechanical performance and durability of a 10mm product. The aim is to reduce environmental impact by optimising the consumption of the raw materials, electrical and thermal energy used for production and increasing the load capacity for transport (by about 10% compared to the 10mm thickness). The Nostalgia Collection also meets the requirements of ISO 17889-1, which establishes sustainability criteria for ceramic surfaces with the aim of providing design professionals, contractors and consumers with a verifiable and internationally valid standard for identifying product sustainability according to economic, environmental and social sustainability criteria. The Factory that produces Nostalgia also takes various other measures to ensure their products are produced with Environmental impact in mind. Click here for more Sustainability information regarding Nostalgia.

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